Installation steps and precautions for dispatching winches

Release time:2019-08-05

The company is a professional manufacturer of winches. The products include dispatch winch, vehicle winch, winch and other winches, numerous online customer service, strong technical team, and a large number of skilled operators. The winch is more beautiful, convenient and user-friendly while ensuring the quality. The dispatch winch is a commonly used mine construction equipment and belongs to one of the more important mining equipment.
Installation technical measures
1. Process
1) Check equipment and accessories;
2) mounting the reel;
3) Install the reducer;
4) Coupling;
5) Install the TV;
6) Stable filling;
7) The remaining electrical cabinets, consoles, hydraulic stations, depth indicators, resistors, lighting, etc. can be interspersed.
Installation technical requirements: installation quality and technical requirements mainly refer to coal industry hoist installation quality standards
Disc brake
1. When the brake is released, the gap between the brake shoe and the brake disc is 0.5~1mm. The gap between the two sides of the same auxiliary brake should be the same, and the deviation is not more than 0.1mm.
2. The contact surface between the brake shoe and the brake disc should not be less than 60%.
3. The distance between the end face of the bracket of the same brake and the center line of the brake disc should be the same, and the deviation is not more than ±0.5mm.
4. The parallelism deviation of the two brake shoes of the same brake is not more than 0.5mm.
5. The deviation of the parallelism between the end face of the brake bracket and the center surface of the brake disc is not more than 0.2mm.
1. Threaded connectors and locking components must be complete, firm and reliable. No serious deformation, no loose buckle or bald buckle.
2. The key should not be loose. When inserting, the pad should not be padded. The length of the exposed keyway should be less than 20% of the total length of the key and 5% of the total length of the key.
Spindle device:
1. The deviation of the perpendicularity between the spindle axis and the lifting centerline must not exceed 0.15/1000.
2. The positional deviation of the centerline is not more than 5mm.
3. The horizontal deviation of the main shaft should not exceed 0.1/1000.
4. The deviation of the spindle axis line height is not more than ±50mm.
5. The elm is made of drier hardwood. After the car is hooked, the diameter of the reel is not more than 2mm.
Dispatching winch installation precautions:
Newly purchased dispatch winches should be inspected and idling prior to installation. When permanently installed on the ground or downhole, the inspection should be securely mounted on the foundation and the anchor winch should be secured with anchor bolts. The installation location should be flat and easy to operate and observe. The installation position should be as perpendicular as possible to the axis of the reel to facilitate the rope.
If it is installed in the underground for temporary winch installation, it can be fixed on the sleepers, and then supported by four wooden piles, the upper ends of the two front piles are inclined forward.

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