Dispatching winch optimal working environment

Release time:2019-03-09

Scheduling winch optimal working environment, winch, di […]

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The optimal working conditions for the dispatching winch are as follows:
 Working conditions:
1. Ambient temperature -10 ~ 40 ° C
2. The relative humidity of the environment does not exceed 95% (25 ° C)
3. The altitude is below 2000m.
4. Methane, coal dust, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc. in the surrounding air shall not exceed the safety content specified in the Coal Mine Safety Regulations. The working mechanism of the winch is a reel-wound type, and the transmission type is a planetary gear transmission.
 Dispatching winch is the main equipment for lifting and transportation of mines. In order to ensure the safe operation of the transportation system, it is necessary to carry out preventive inspections on the safety facilities of the equipment, daily maintenance, correct and reasonable operation, and the following management regulations are made for this purpose.
1. Check whether the bolts, pins, nuts, washers, etc. of various parts are loose or loose, and tighten and complete them in time.
2. Check whether the signal device and the motor operation button are intact and there is no explosion. The signal is clear and bright, otherwise it should be repaired and replaced in time.
3. Check the drum for damage and rupture, whether the wire rope head is fixed firmly, whether the bearing has oil leakage, whether the wire rope is arranged neatly, and if there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time.
4. Check the brakes with no cracks, whether the brake belt wear is over-limit (should have a thickness of not less than 3mm). Are there any damage or deformation of the tie bolts, forks, brakes, pins, etc., whether the nuts are loose or not, there is a problem. It should be adjusted and processed in time.
5. Check whether the brake lever and the lever system are flexible. After the brake is applied, the brake lever must not reach the horizontal position. It should be up to 30°-40° above the horizontal position.
 The safe use of the dispatching winch and the service life of the dispatching winch are closely related to the working environment of the dispatching winch. The dispatching winch is a mining small winch that people often say. It is widely used. At present, the dispatching winch is not limited to mine work, various Small and medium-sized enterprises also have the appearance of dispatching winches. The dispatch winch is a kind of winch used to dispatch vehicles. It is often used in underground mining areas, coal bunkers and loading station dispatching rooms, traction mine cars, and other auxiliary traction operations.