What are the safety hazards in the work of dispatching winches?

Release time:2019-03-15

Dispatching winch is a small winch that we often say. I […]

Dispatching winch is a small winch that we often say. It has the characteristics of fast and convenient, and is favored by the majority of enterprises. This time brings you the introduction of safety hazards in the work process, hoping to have a safe production for your enterprise. help.
 Scheduling winch use range:
Dispatching winches are mainly used for hauling mines and other auxiliary handling work in coal mines and other mines in roadways with inclination angles less than 30 degrees. The electric motor is supplied to the drum torque via the reducer, the wire rope is wound with the reel, and the brake device controls the operation and stop to meet the scheduling and handling purposes. The most likely accident in the winch inclined lane transportation is that the wire rope breaks the sports car accident, or the personnel stand on the track of the wire rope traction mine car transport, the dangerous area, the collision or the involvement of the sports car and the wire rope are damaged.
Winch transport unsafe behavior:
1. In order to save physical strength, the illegal trucks in the jump transport cause crushing or falling from the mine and dragging and rubbing. The hook workers should stop such violations in time, and immediately signal to the winch driver to stop and stop.
2. Overloaded overload winch transportation. The winch must be familiar with the performance of the winch, especially the maximum static tension of the lift, and estimate the tension generated by the various vehicles entering the track on the wire rope. In particular, for materials that are not frequently pulled, they must not be blindly linked. They must be clear to the management personnel and take a cautious attitude. If overloaded with heavy materials, it is likely to cause insufficient braking torque, resulting in broken rope or sports car accidents.
3. Unlicensed personnel operate the winch. Because the on-duty winch driver can't go to work after the shift or other reasons, the team leader arranges the work to be inconspicuous, and the wagon driver is not arranged in the transport operation. Therefore, such violations are likely to occur in the underground transportation operation, and the unlicensed personnel illegally start the winch. Such violations may have serious consequences. Unlicensed personnel are unfamiliar with the performance of the winch. In case of emergency, they cannot be handled correctly. If the inclined lane transportation operation site is in a hidden danger state, it is very likely that an accident will occur.
4. When the inclined lane is getting off, the slope top stopper is not closed. After the shifting of the inclined workers in the last class, it is required to close the top of the road, and often some sloppy workers do not pay attention to the details of the work, and do not create a reliable and safe working environment for the next shift. There is no closed stop. .
It is very likely that the next class of transport operators will push the mine car at the top of the slope, not paying attention to the closed state of the vehicle, never causing a sports car incident, causing casualties in the inclined lane and the bottom of the slope.
There is also a lifting operation from the bottom of the slope, the top of the slope is in a closed state, the winch driver and the hooker do not notice the position, when the mine car is lifted from the bottom of the slope to the top of the road, the car is closed. To prevent the mine car from moving forward, the mine car will have a strong collision with the brake device under the traction of the winch wire rope, which will cause the wire rope to break and pump, or the material on the car will cause injury.
5. Inclined lanes illegally parked for loading or other operations. The author met the illegal parking in the middle of the oblique lane. The staff loaded the steel beam on the material car. The top winch was unattended. The nylon rope was used to tie the brake handle to the roadway to help the wire mesh. This is a serious violation. Especially in the case of new employees, the class leader is not careful, not serious, and does not explain the safety precautions during the operation. The operators are very rude in order to save effort. There is also an illegal parking for the inclined lane. The 1 ton mine car is equipped with concrete. The operators use concrete from the mine car to harden the inclined lane. The illegal parking of the inclined lane may cause sports car and broken rope, which may cause personal injury or death.
6. The winch operator has no signal warning in the blind spot of the line of sight. There is no railing blocking, or the working environment of the inclined lane is poor. There is no illumination. There are materials on both sides of the track to block the winch driver and view the hooker, so that the emergency cannot be stopped immediately. The inclined lane winch transporting operation, the starting point of the mine car to the destination is relatively far, from the bottom of the slope to the top of the slope is generally 100-200 meters, there is also a situation, because the track is "herringbone", the winch driver has a section In the blind spot of 20-30 meters, it is impossible to detect whether there are pedestrians passing through the blind zone. It is very likely that the mine car will hit, squeeze, and get caught in the wire rope, causing casualties.