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Strong 3 Layer Design

Safely Lift your Vehicle up out of a Rut or Bog in Seconds

Simple to use without the Risk of Damage to your Vehicle which may Happen with a High Lift Jack

An Essential Piece of Equipment which you need to always have in your Vehicle for Emergencies

Anti-Slopping Spikes design

It suitable in Sand, Snow, Mud, Soft or Sloping Ground

Do not go Crawling under the Vehicle, they are Only for Changing the Tyre or getting Un-Bogged Though


2 tons, size: 47*47cm
3 tons, size: 54*54cm
4 tons, size: 61*61 cm


One set includes:

1x Inflatable Exhaust Jack Bag

1x 6M Hose with Exhaust Connector and Valve Attached

1x Puncture Repair Kit

1x Pair of Work Gloves

1x Handy Carry Bag

1x Instruction Manual


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