Analysis and treatment of common faults in the back wire winch wire rope

Release time:2019-07-27

The company mainly produces wagons such as dispatch winches and vehicle winches. Wire ropes are the link between the back winch and the cargo. The quality of the wire rope directly affects the quality of work.
Safety technical measures:
1. During the vulcanization process of transportation and tape joints, the staff should cooperate with each other to avoid hand injury when handling objects.
During the construction process, a special person should observe the roof and the two gangs to prevent the slag from hurting people.
2. There is a sound and reliable fire water source at each vulcanization site. An intact dry powder fire extinguisher (8kg) and two fire buckets are available on site.
Before the operation, the electrician must use the portable tile detector to detect the gas concentration within 10 meters before and after the wiring and the working site. Only when the gas concentration is less than 0.5%, can the operation be performed.
During the operation, the working electrician monitors the gas concentration near the working place in real time. When the gas concentration reaches 0.5%, the operation must be stopped and the power supply must be cut off.
3, gasoline, rags, brushes and other flammable materials are prohibited from accessing electrical equipment, used waste oil, glue, waste cloth should be properly handled, it is strictly prohibited to throw, mess.
After the remaining gasoline is sealed, the construction will be dispatched to the ground warehouse.
4. The vulcanized heating plate must be shaken to measure the resistance value before the downhole, and the electricity is dehumidified.
Before the operation, it must be energized to heat the moisture to ensure that the insulation level of the heating plate is within the safe range.
Before the wiring and use of the vulcanization equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical equipment such as the vulcanization heating plate, the vulcanization switch, the transformer, the lighting fixture, the grinder, the grinding machine, and the cable are in good condition.
The insulation resistance of the live part and the outer casing is greater than 1MΩ, and the insulation resistance of the cable between phases is greater than 2MΩ.
5. The nominal voltage level of the cable used in electrical equipment shall not be lower than the actual voltage level of the equipment, otherwise it is strictly forbidden to use.
Before the operation, the electrical equipment at the vulcanization site should be well grounded and reliably connected to the local grounding electrode. The grounding resistance is less than 2Ω.
6. Transformers, vulcanized electric control equipment, and cables are placed in places that are difficult for pedestrians to access, and there are special personnel to prevent people from getting electric shock.
The power supply side of the feed switch is forbidden to load. The protection functions such as leakage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection of the feed switch must be complete, sensitive and reliable. The wiring is strictly in accordance with the wiring process requirements. The cable should meet the explosion-proof standard technical requirements when entering or exiting the explosion-proof equipment.
7. When using the self-made pressure-pressing device, it should be connected with the water pipe. The person in charge is responsible for pressure and pressure relief. Check that the pressure measuring device is in good condition and the indication is accurate.
Before pressing, carefully check the quick joints at each joint of the pump tube to ensure that the joints are connected and reliable. You must use a pressure tube with a pressure resistance of more than 3 MPa.
It is forbidden to stand on both ends of the vulcanized beam to avoid blasting and injuring people. It is strictly forbidden to stand above the vulcanized beam during the pressing process.
The pressure device should be kept away from electrical equipment to prevent water from splashing onto the electrical equipment. The pressure of the pump should not be lower than 1.8Mpa, and the maximum pressure should not be higher than 2.0Mpa.

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