The bucket handling machine is not flexible

Release time:2019-07-19

The fault handling of the bucket loading machine is not flexible. The bucket loading rocker trough is the most important part of the bucket rock loader. The problem of the bucket loading rocker trough is directly related to the bucket loading machine. Operational status and work efficiency are related. This time brings you the analysis and treatment plan for the failure of the bucket rock loader to increase the inflexibility. I hope that it can help your daily work of the bucket loader. The text is as follows:
The bucket rock loader is one of the more important mine equipment. Once problems occur, it should be solved in a timely and safe manner. Otherwise, major mine accidents may occur, causing losses to the enterprise. Therefore, various abnormalities of the bucket rock loader are clarified. The reason for the occurrence and the treatment plan to prevent problems before they occur is the basic responsibility of a company or a bucket loader driver and related staff.
The bucket loading machine tank includes: a feeding trough, an intermediate trough, and an unloading trough. Through the part of the slag, the slag is taken through the feed chute, the intermediate trough, and the unloading port of the unloading trough to the mine car or the bucket.
The intermediate trough is installed on the trolley, and the feeding trough and the unloading trough are respectively connected to the front and rear of the feeding trough, and a lifting device is arranged in the middle of the feeding trough to adjust the height position of the rasp, and the front side of the rake is equipped with a baffle , guide the bucket into the trough.
Features: The middle groove has two curved bends. In order to consider wear and easy to replace, the bend is equipped with a detachable wear-resistant curved plate. The end of the unloading groove is equipped with a spring contact, which acts as a buffer when it collides with the bucket. .
Failure analysis processing steps
The reason for the inflexibility of the rake loading machine and the solution to the problem: the inflexible lifting of the rake loading machine may be caused by uneven force on both sides when operating the lifting device, resulting in abnormal working condition of the bucket loading machine.
Processing solution analysis
Solution: If the lifting of the bucket is not flexible, when the lifting device is used, the force on both sides will be uneven. Please stop the operation immediately and operate both sides of the bucket loader and pay attention to coordination.

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