What is the working principle of the dispatch winch?

Release time:2019-07-13

Dispatching winch features:
The design is reasonable, the structure is compact, the operation is convenient, the maintenance is simple, the use range is wide, safe and reliable.
This type of dispatching winch model has no special use environment, as long as it has the corresponding installation base and a certain working area, as well as the necessary power distribution system and necessary supporting facilities, it can be put into use.
The impact of the dispatching winch on the environment and energy. Because the product is mainly used in the mine, in addition to generating certain noise (within the specified value), it has no other impact on the surrounding environment and energy.
Because the power used by the winch is an explosion-proof electric motor, it can be applied to occasions with more biogas or coal dust. Since the winch reel is equipped with a protective device, the whole machine is safe and reliable to use and operate.
working principle:
The motor gear drives a pair of asteroid gears of the left end pinion carrier to rotate. Since the small internal gear is fixed, the pinion gear rotates around the motor gear in addition to the rotation of the motor gear, that is, the pinion frame rotates.
Therefore, the main shaft rotates, and the center gear fixed at the right end of the main shaft also rotates, thereby driving a large planetary gear on the large carrier to rotate. At this time, there are three cases:
1. If the left brake is released, the right brake brakes the large internal gear, and the large planetary gear, in addition to the rotation, also needs to make a revolution, so that the large gear carrier rotates, and the reel is coupled with the large gear carrier and also rotates. Get up, you can use the dispatching traction, this is the working state.
2. If the left brake brakes the reel and the right brake is released, the reel is braked. The large carrier is not connected to the reel and does not rotate. The large planetary gear does not rotate, only the rotation, and at the same time The large internal gear is idling. The weight is stopped at a certain position due to the reel of the reel, which is a stopped state.
3. In order to adjust the lifting and lowering speed or stop, the two brakes can be alternately braked and released.
4. If the left and right brakes are released, the heavy objects will slide down by their own weight, which will drive the reels to reverse. This is the lowering state. At this time, the large carrier is also reversed, the large planetary gear rotates and revolves, and the large internal gear also rotates.

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