Winch broken common troubleshooting method

Release time:2019-07-05

Press the stop button, the reason why the motor does not stop and how to deal with it
1.Main reason
(1) The operation button is out of order or too humid.
(2) The operating line is shorted or grounded.
(3) The magnetic contactor main contact or auxiliary contact burns and sticks and cannot leave.
(4) The arc-extinguishing cover catches the contact and cannot leave.
(5) The intermediate relay contacts are not disconnected.
(6) The magnetic starter is placed incorrectly or is tilted more than 15° after being hit.
2. Processing method
The magnetic starter should be urgently supported, and the operating handle of the magnetic starter of the winch should be driven to the stop position. In advance, the lifting load should be stopped by the brake method to prevent excessive sparking of the isolating knife in the magnetic starter when the brake is opened.
The reason and treatment of single-phase operation of electric motor
1. Characteristics and hazards of single-phase operation of winch motor
(1) The motor will be dull without any positive or negative start, but the motor will never rotate.
(2) If the motor single-phase operation occurs during operation, the motor still maintains the original rotation direction, but the rotation speed is obviously slowed down, the humming sound is generated, and the motor starts to heat up. If the winch is equipped with an ammeter, some points to the zero position. Some current values ​​become larger. Regardless of the single-phase operation of the motor during start-up or operation, if it is not detected and stopped in time, the motor may be burned and cause an accident.
2. Causes of single-phase operation of the motor
(1) The power supply is out of phase (one phase is broken). This is caused by a phase-breaking fuse or a phase disconnection and a poor contact of the contactor.
(2) The stator coil of the motor has a phase disconnection. At this time, due to the different wiring patterns of the stator coils, the degree of influence is different, that is, the star (丫) type wiring is more serious than the triangular (△) type wiring.
3. Treatment method: stop quickly, find out the cause, report in time or find a maintenance electrician to handle.
Note: In case of failure, it is necessary to stop quickly, find out the cause, report it in time or find a maintenance electrician to handle it. Can not force boot.