Press the start button, the reason why the winch motor does not turn and the treatment method

Release time:2019-06-29

Main reason
(1) The power supply has a fault, such as power failure, phase failure, motor or line grounding, grounding protection, or low power supply voltage.
(2) The stop button is not reset.
(3) There is a malfunction inside the starter.
(4) The operating cable is broken.
(5) The motor is burnt.
2. Processing method
Check the power supply first. If other electromechanical devices on the power cable of the machine are not turned on, the power supply must be powered off. It should be reported in time to request power transmission. To check the button again, the switch handle must be turned to the power-off position before the button can be opened and the explosion-proof performance must not be damaged during the inspection. In other cases, a full-time electrician must be inspected.