Production use of mining machinery parts

Release time:2019-11-23

Large gears are essential components in ball mills, rod mills, mills, rotary kiln, dryers, etc. Whether it is small equipment or large equipment, it is inseparable from the transmission of large gears. Let's talk about the processing technology of the big gear.
Function: The large gear is an important part of the transmission. As part of the transmission, the operation of the entire mining equipment needs to be driven by the transmission to achieve the purpose of operation, because the interlocking with the pinion constantly drives the operation of the whole equipment. The large gears are also subject to more wear and tear. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing has higher requirements on the wear resistance, load bearing capacity, service life, heat generation, weight and volume of the large gears, which makes the large gear processing technology more advanced. It is able to manufacture large gears that meet the above requirements.
Processing technology: The requirements of the mining machinery for gear transmission are small size, light weight, high rotation efficiency and high power, long service life, low noise and low heat generation. In actual production, the quality requirements of large gears are very strict, so the processing of large gears is very important. The following is a description of the processing technology of large gears.
Large gear machining can use a variety of process technologies, from grinding to hobbing, but hobbing is recommended because of the higher efficiency of hobbing. The machining process of the large gear firstly enters the machining of the tooth blank. At this time, the foundation is prepared for the next step of machining the tooth shape, so that the precision of the inner hole and the end face of the large gear basically meets the specified technical requirements. The second step is the processing of the tooth shape to achieve the specified hardness requirements. Then it is the finishing of the tooth shape, mainly to make the positioning accurate and reliable, and the balance distribution is relatively uniform, in order to achieve the purpose of finishing. Finally, the heat treatment of the large gears is carried out, so that the structure of the large gear is optimized, the hardness is improved, and the wear resistance and impact resistance of the product are greatly enhanced.

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