How to solve the brake brake failure

Release time:2019-11-15

Mining winches often use brakes during use. Good braking performance can ensure safe production of coal mines. If the brakes fail, it will cause a sports accident. If it is serious, it will cause casualties. The dispatch winch is a mining small winch and is one of the most common types of winches, Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. provides you with the most complete technical support for winch, dispatch winch, jd dispatch winch and other mining winch products as well as winch products.
The mining small winch is also the safety problem of the dispatching winch in the daily work process, and the brake problem of the dispatching winch has problems in daily work. If you do not deal with it seriously, there will be serious problems. This time, we will introduce it to you. What to do if there is a problem with the brakes in the dispatching winch.
There are several reasons why the winch brakes fail:
1. Overload work, no machinery can work overload, because the winch is overloaded for a long time, the machine is hot, which causes the winch brake to fail;
Solution: Please follow the winch instructions to work at rated load.
2. The grease is dropped between the brake belt and the brake wheel. Since the winch needs lubrication during use, if the operation is inadvertent, oil will fall between the brake belt and the roller, which will cause the friction to decrease. Resulting in failure of the winch brake;
Solution: Clean and dry the contact surface.
3. The contact area between the brake band and the brake wheel is too small. If the brake band is deformed or falls into a foreign object, the brake of the winch will be malfunctioning. The safety operation rules of the coal mine stipulate that the contact area between the brake band and the brake wheel cannot be low. At 80%,
Solution: Adjust the contact area to be no less than 80%
4, the normal wear of the brake band, the long-term brake will cause the brake band to wear, when the brake band wears to a certain extent, the distance between the brake band and the reel will become larger and larger, when the brakes of the dispatching winch reach the maximum At the same time, the contact between the brake pad and the reel is insufficient, and the brake of the winch is disabled.
Solution: Adjust the brake stroke or replace the brake band immediately.

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