How to safely use the back column winch in daily work?

Release time:2019-02-23

How to safely use the back-column winch in daily work, with the advancement of the times technology, the returning column winch gradually becomes convenient, fast, safe and intelligent. The back winch is the slow winch we often say, and it is mined in many mining enterprises. At work, the back winch has always occupied a very important position. Today we will introduce you to the three aspects necessary for the back winch operator:
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The use of mining equipment requires daily maintenance and overhaul, which can extend the service life of the machine, especially for large equipment, and requires daily maintenance. Mining machinery and equipment is also one of the large-scale machinery. His daily maintenance and repairs have been the most basic part and preconditions before use. For example, the longer the impact crusher is used, the more wear parts are, and the maintenance and maintenance of the user is required to ensure normal use for a long time.
However, there are three major considerations regarding how to maintain and repair mining machinery and equipment:
1 Regular maintenance is the basis
When using mining machinery and equipment, it is inevitable that various problems will occur, resulting in mechanical damage or even permanent damage. Most of these conditions are caused by inadequate maintenance. Therefore, regular maintenance in the use of mining machinery and equipment is a necessary measure, and users must strictly implement a project, and more need to supervise the company, and strictly enforce this condition.
2 Daily inspection is a necessary condition
It is best to check the mining machinery and equipment carefully every day before use. Is there any abnormality in every part of his mine? After the daily inspection, there are still serious registrations for the inspections. In which places, problems, which parts need to be replaced, etc., need to be registered in the inspection record in detail, and the daily usage is also required to be registered.
3 Operation user training and assessment
Before the mining machinery and equipment are used, it is necessary to train each user. After the operation requirements are met, the machine can be operated. It is also necessary to regularly check the operation knowledge, which can reduce the mechanical damage caused by the operation error.