Back column winch industry development and innovation

Release time:2019-02-15

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Development history and innovation of the back winch
The competition in the column winch industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the prices of raw materials are high. This has also led some companies to adopt inferior raw materials, reduce prices and reduce quality, and the quality of their products cannot be guaranteed.
Although the price war is not as fierce as before, it still exists. More companies use price strategies to squeeze the same market in China or abroad. It is undoubtedly hopeful and quenching. In the end, it is full of losses.
It is reported that how to maintain a healthy development of the column winch industry must be controlled from the source of the column winch market, aiming at the development strategy of the high-end market, strengthening the self-discipline of the production company's own behavior, strictly controlling from raw materials to production processes. To ensure the stability of product quality, but also to see if it is environmentally friendly.
Through efforts to improve the technical content of products and increase independent innovation, to achieve sustainable development.
Back column winch features
The back column winch is a practical new auxiliary transportation equipment which is developed with reference to the experience of the traditional winch. It is further improved and improved by the underground operating system. Its characteristics are: strong applicability, relatively versatile use, and can be used in The trough is used, and it can be placed up and down the mountain. It can also be arranged in the centralized track lane for supporting services after the Nuggets.
The system is flexible in layout, which can be used both in the original diverticulum layout and in the reliable lane arrangement. For the sake of customers, the steel wire rope can be used in the same track.
The installation is simple, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the flexible fixing structure is adopted, and the tail wheel is fixed and the transportation distance is changed easily.
Safe, efficient, economical, direct transportation within the section, no need to reload, reduce the number of manpower reversing, reduce the labor intensity of the operators; at the same time greatly reduce the difficulty of management personnel and the accident rate of equipment use.
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