Electric winch to pull the maximum

Release time:2018-08-04
When using the winch can be relatively easy to drag and drop single, more difficult to drag and two-pulley should be used. Use the winch or tow a small load particularly large load, and even greater with the three-wire tension. The winch line from the car pulled out, by then in the hold of the tree belt pulley back to the car before, hanging around in the trailer hook on the pulley, then back to hold the tree belt, this method can address most needs Winch situation, but remember, this method will make the work overload of your winch.
With two-or three-wire, the tension at the cost of upgrading the speed loss. Double the speed of the car pulling forward half of single, three-wire single-speed is one-third.
In addition to multi-line mechanical principles, the use of two-or three-wire can cause greater tension is to use multi-line pull winch cable from the drum more, this is good, on the inner drum greater than the outer layer of winch cable tension, tension winch on the subject refers to the wound on the drum line of the innermost layer of the resulting tension.
12,000 lbs of winch line its bottom layer can produce 6 tons of pull, drum line pull down each layer of 1000 pounds, there are four lines on the drum, the tension generated by the outer line only 9000 pounds. However, whenever they have to stay at least five ring line on the drum, the winch line winch line will all pull loose from the drum.
The winch line all the way out will have some other problems with the automatic brake on the winch. If the winch line to the wrong direction from the drum to release the brake does not work, the winch line all the way out, you may forget by take-up before the switch and the back line to the opposite direction. Have shown marked up on the winch line's direction. I used Warn winch line from the bottom of the drum release. Have to look at the icon. For winch line to ensure that the line to the right direction retracts the drum.
Winch out of your car, you can sit in the car, so that the remote wire pulled through the car windows. Sometimes while using the winch wheel-drive with low-grade low-speed forward climb will be helpful, be careful slow and prevent the winch line relaxation.