Electric winch, off-road winch - winch is no longer difficult

Release time:2018-08-04
Off-road winch is essential to the process of self-help equipment, but also have to carefully choose the time of purchase; electric winch is generally used for off-road vehicles, farm vehicles, ATV sports cars, yachts, and other special vehicles, mechanical and electrical teach you to buy skills Octopus .
1. From the motor to start
Winch motor driven by the vehicle's battery will power to the mechanical transmission device, and then drive winch cable winding drum rotation.
2. View Cable
The initial design of the cable carrying capacity determines its diameter and length (usually we use the cables are cable). Cable wound on the winch drum and cable through the guide device. The end of the cable to connect the anchor ring labeled.
3. Note winch drum
Winch cable winding drum is a cylindrical device.
It consists of motor driven winch drum can be under the control of the remote control to change the direction of rotation.
4. Check the cable guide device
When using the winch has a certain angle, the guide device to guide the cable around the cable on the winch drum. It will reduce the cable recovery winch may stand or bumper of the danger, often installed in the winch fixed outside the frame or bumper.
5. Transmission scan
Three groups constitute a planetary gear transmission mechanism, it converts the energy of the motor powerful traction. The design makes the winch drive system becomes portable and compact.
6. Braking system is very important
When the motor stops working and the cable has load, the system will automatically lock brake drum. This prevents cable slipped loose, and pulled the car in place.
7. Clutch must see
Can be hand-operated clutch, change the drum and drive out or lock the state, thus changing the drum and drive forward or bye locked state.
8. Control box can not be overlooked
Control box through the car battery power into kinetic energy of the electromagnetic coil, so that the operator can change the rotation direction of the winch drum. Some winch control box to solidification structure in the winch, and some may be an independent one, according to the need to install in place. Electric winch operation at high load, so the control box using a high-load control system to cope with strong currents.
9. Controller is essential
Controller inserted in the winch control box, the freedom to control the winch drum rotation direction. It enables the user when operating away from the winch cable, to avoid danger.
Selection of quality winch is no longer difficult.