Mining winch material recycling precautions

Release time:2019-10-26

Mining winches occupy an indispensable position in material recovery, and the relevant safety factors must be paid attention to at work.
safe job
1. Check the roadway before recycling, and find that the roadway is damaged and should be rectified.
2. Before recycling, ensure that the roadway is properly ventilated, and no air is allowed in the roadway.
3. When recycling I-beam, it is forbidden to work alone. During the operation, there must be someone to monitor the headboard dynamics.
4. The wire rope, hook head and pressure column of the winch must undergo strict inspection. After passing the test, it will be put into use. If it is found damaged, it will be replaced in time.
5. The winch driver has been trained and licensed to work, and driving without a license is strictly prohibited.
6. When returning, use the back column winch. The back column winch is installed at a position no less than 20m from the back roadway. The root winch of the back column is required to be stable and the pressure column is firm.
7. The winch driver must wait for all personnel to withdraw to the safe place behind the winch before starting the winch. When walking the hook, it is strictly forbidden to walk, stay or perform other work across the wire rope or within 5m near the wire rope. The front of the winch and the two sides of the wire rope. The winch driver should concentrate on finding problems and stopping the parking in time.
8. The recovered I-beam must be transported in time and must not block the retreat.
9. When the winch cannot be pulled, it cannot be forced to return the material. The I-steel shed should be properly lowered and then returned to avoid the occurrence of broken rope or broken hooks.

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