How to choose the right dispatch winch

Release time:2019-09-12

How to choose the right dispatch winch, Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. provides you with the best quality winch, dispatch winch, jd dispatch winch and other mining winch products. In the selection of coal mine dispatch winch, it must be based on actual needs. The design of related projects, especially in the selection of some calculation formulas, must ensure the accuracy of the calculation results and strictly control the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
Dispatching winch selection:
The selection of the winch depends on the length of the slope of the track downhill winch, the slope and the weight of the traction load. The traction force of the winch must be greater than the load weight.
After calculation, the safety factor 7.6>6.5 meets the coal mine safety regulations, so the steel wire with φ=18.5mm is selected. Therefore, the JD-2 type dispatch winch is used for transportation to meet the requirements.

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