What is the role of 4X4 Electric Recovery Winch?

Release time:2022-09-22
Off-road winches have a variety of features that help riders out of sticky situations. They can be used to move boulders or trees off of trails. Depending on the weight of your vehicle, you should get one rated to lift 1.5 times your vehicle's weight. Some winches can even be used on farmland or ranchlands.
When it comes to off road winch factory, a winch is your best option for vehicle recovery. 
Another useful modification for off-road trucks is adding a winch to the front bumper. It will provide added protection and ease of egress when your truck gets stuck. These 4X4 electric recovery winch are powered by electric motors. The winch must also be supported by a sturdy bumper. Some trucks come with winch-ready bumpers that are purchased separately.

powers load in and out
full metal differential planetary gear train
pull and turn freespooling clutch
Low-amp permanent magnet motor
Circuit breaker protector optional
Removable clevis pinned latched hook with rope thimble
4-way roller fairlead
Mounting plate
Rated line pull:3500lb (1590kg)single line
Motor:1.5hp/1.1kw, permanent magnet 12V
Control:Remote switch
Gear reduction ratio:153:1
Drum size:Ø1.24"*2.88" (Ø31.5*73mm)
Overall dimension (L*W*H):12.1”(L)×4.1″(W) ×4.4”(H)
Mounting bolt pattern:3.13″(79.3mm)