Precautions for safe use during operation of back column winch

Release time:2019-11-29

Column winch is a light and small lifting equipment that is wound with a steel wire rope or a chain to lift or pull heavy loads. It is also called a hoist. Mine winches are components in machinery such as mine hoists. It is convenient and widely used to maximize the value creation for customers and the most dedicated service to customers is the corporate purpose of Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. The company is a professional winch manufacturer. Its products include dispatch winches and return winches. , Mining equipment and other mining equipment, to undertake various types of mining equipment maintenance and technical consulting services. The safety work of mining machinery is a key concern of the enterprise. The following is a brief introduction to the safety precautions of the driver of the back column winch.
There are two types of mine winches: manual and electric.
A stopper (ratchet and pawl) is installed on the turning mechanism of the handle of the manual winch to keep the weight in the required position. Manual winches for assembling or lifting heavy objects shall also be provided with safety handles and brakes. Manual winches are generally used in places with small lifting capacity, poor installation conditions or no power supply.
Electric winches are widely used in places with heavy work and large traction. The motor of the single-reel electric winch (pictured) drives the reel through the reducer, and a brake is installed between the motor and the input shaft of the reducer. In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction and turning operations, there are also winches with double and multiple reel devices. The car-to-car connecting pin and the safety chain mentioned by the back column winch must be fixed and connected well, and it must be firm and reliable. It is strictly prohibited to put or lift the car if there is any hidden danger.
Every time you put in or lift the car, you must have a special person to check it. The main causes of winch mechanical accidents are product quality, installation quality and maintenance, and improper driver manipulation. The main causes of driving accidents are the unskilled driving skills of the driver, the lack of concentration of attention during the operation, and the failure to observe the operation regulations.
JH back column winch driver must pay attention to the safety regulations:
1. Drivers must be attentive, focused, and not talking to other people.
2. The driver must rest well before going to work. Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
3. Strictly abide by the operation regulations, and pay attention to signals and alarm bells at any time.
4. Strictly implement the "no pedestrians, no pedestrians" regulations.
5. Stop the problem promptly when you find the problem.
6. After using the winch once, all parts of the winch must be inspected, and they must be inspected once in place. Such as winch drums, brakes and bearings.

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