Introduction to the method of rope construction on mining winch

Release time:2019-10-19

Construction method
1. According to the design of the construction organization, select the wire rope used by each winch.
2. Use a 50-ton crane and use a steel wire rope with a diameter of 18.5 mm and lift it with both ends. Place the selected wire rope on the rope release bracket. The wire rope roller must be reinforced before lifting to prevent the wire rope from falling off during lifting.
3. Lifting wire rope safety factor verification:
The weight of the wire rope is G=5.4 tons, and the minimum breaking force of the lifting wire rope is F=16.6 tons, so the safety factor n=16.6×2/5.4=6.1>6 meets the requirements.
4. Pass the rope hole of the winch room, fix the wire rope head on the winch, and drive the rope. The rope must be tensioned when the rope is roped, and the rope is tightly arranged along the rope groove with a sledgehammer.
5. The main hook is a double drum winch, and the steel wire rope is wrapped around the main drum.
6. When the rope is roped, each wire rope should be kept enough from the length of the rope to be draped in the appropriate position in front of the respective winch houses.
7. According to the construction organization design, select the sky wheel corresponding to each car.
8. Put a 5-point heald rope on the corresponding sky wheel. The position of the lower rope of the two rope heads must be selected.
9. Fix the rope head of the wire rope to the corresponding head of the heald rope.
10. Hold the other end of the heald rope and put the wire rope over the sky wheel.
11. Fix the woven wire rope to prevent it from falling off.
12, do the alloy hook head:
(1) Clean the rope head of the hoisting rope with gasoline for 1 meter.
(2), the cleaned steel wire rope is inserted into the hook head casing.
(3) In the front of the hook head casing, measure the length with a thin wire.
(4) Break the wire rope into a wire and straighten it. Then, according to the length of use, cut the short outer length and bend the cut wire into the hook head casing.
(5) Put the slanting sill into the hook head casing and water the alloy.

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