Analysis of the Causes of the Accidents in the Back-track Winch Trailing Lane

Release time:2019-11-01

Reasons for the accident of the inclined roadway sports car
(1) The connection device breaks and causes a sports car. Because the link between the mine car, the bolt or the mine car connector is unqualified, the damage is not found, or other items are used instead of the three-ring chain or the mine car latch, etc., the car is pulled or pulled off in the driving.
(2) The steel wire rope breaks and causes the sports car.
(3) Selling or hooking a sports car. Due to the unqualified quality of the track, the vehicle is bumpy and vibrating, or the insurance pin that does not fall off by itself is used. The running vehicle connects the pin and runs the car.
(4) The winch brake device is faulty, the braking torque is insufficient, and the sports car may also occur due to the brake failure.
(5) The accidental operation of the personnel caused the sports car. If the hook is not connected to the vehicle, the car will be pushed past the slope point, or the vehicle will be unhooked if the vehicle is not stopped, so that the vehicle returns to the downhill direction, causing the sports car; the winch driver does not send power when the vehicle is lowered. The loose brakes put the car, causing a sports car with a rope; the signalling of the signal is often caused by accidents.

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