How to use back column winches safely in daily work

Release time:2019-12-06

With the advancement of science and technology in the times, the back column winch has gradually become more convenient, fast, safe, and intelligent. The back column winch is what we often call a slow winch. In the mining work of many mining enterprises, the back column winch has always occupied Important position, today I will introduce to you the three necessary aspects of back column winch operators.
The use of mining equipment requires daily maintenance and repair. This can extend the service life of the machine, especially for large equipment, and requires daily maintenance.
Mining machinery and equipment is also one of the large machinery. His daily maintenance and repair have been used as the most basic part and prerequisites before use. For example, the longer the impact crusher is used, the more severe the wear parts. User repair and maintenance are required to ensure normal use for a long time, but there are three major precautions about how to maintain and repair mining machinery and equipment:
1 Regular maintenance is the foundation
When using mining machinery and equipment, various problems will inevitably occur, resulting in mechanical damage or even permanent damage. Most of the reasons for these conditions are inadequate maintenance. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary during the use of mining machinery and equipment, and users must strictly implement a project. It is even more necessary for companies to supervise and strictly enforce this condition.
2. Daily inspection is a necessary condition
It is best to check the mining machinery and equipment carefully before use every day, and check whether there is any abnormal situation in each part. After the daily inspection, there is a serious registration for the inspection. Which part of the problem, which parts need to be replaced, etc., need to register in detail in the inspection records. The daily usage is also required to be registered in it.
3. Operation user training and assessment
Before using the mining machinery and equipment, each user must be trained. After the operation requirements are met, the machine can be operated. It is also necessary to periodically review the operating knowledge, which can reduce operating errors and cause mechanical damage.

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