How much is the winch price

Release time:2019-12-14
Winch price: The price will play a decisive role when there is little difference in the strength of competing suppliers. For most electromechanical products, extensive inspection and comparison should be conducted to select the most cost-effective products and save procurement costs. Is the most important.
Hoist production: safety, reliability, durability, tightness requirements of mining equipment, the use of high-tech mining machinery, today, the rapid development of science and technology, a large number of new products, the emergence of new technologies, greatly improved This improves production efficiency, saves production costs, and reduces labor intensity.
Several aspects that have an impact on the price of the hoist, taking winch products as examples:
First, winch accessories
Accessories include: 1. drum; 2. star gear transmission; 3. brake device; 4. bearing bracket; 5. base; 6. motor.
Steel purchase: Made of first-class W steel belts on the market to ensure the stability and safety of winch products. Equipped with planetary gear transmissions produced by the industry-leading brand Planetary Equipment Co., Ltd., making your use safer and more assured. South Anhui and Nanyang Electric. With a first-class winch configuration, you can rest assured to buy and use the peace of mind.
Brakes and clutches: 1. The braking torque of the brake should be greater than 1.5 times the static torque at the rated tension of the wire rope; 2 At least one brake must be installed; 3. When the clutch is in a relaxed state, the two joint surfaces should be able to be completely separated; 4. The brake controlled by power must be normally closed; 5. After the assembly, the contact spot distribution area of ​​the brake pad and the brake wheel working surface and the clutch joint surface should not be less than 80% of the theoretical contact area; 6. The brake and Replacement and adjustment of clutch parts; 7. Replace the brake friction pad when the wear amount reaches 50% of the original pad thickness; 8. Replace any part immediately when there is a crack; 9. When the spring has plastic deformation a Should be replaced; 10. The brake wheel working surface should be replaced when the amount of wear is 2 ~ 3mm (large diameter takes the large value, small diameter takes the small value; 11. when the brake belt (block) and brake wheel The clearance should be uniform, and the clearance value is: brake band and brake wheel 1 ~ 2.5mm; brake pads and brake wheel 0.25 ~ 1mm, the brake should be adjusted when exceeding this requirement; 12. pin or shaft hole diameter wear It should be replaced when it reaches 5% of the original diameter.
Work of hoist
The company adopts a unified production line operation and has a large number of experienced winch production operators to make the winch more beautiful and durable, to ensure the safe production of the winch, so that your production work has no worries. After each piece of production is completed, it is repeatedly sampled. Only then can it be installed. After the installation is completed, it can be used in the market only after professional technical testing.
Three, hoist delivery
The company has multiple logistics distribution channels for you to choose, to ensure that you can arrange the most convenient, fast, safe, worry-free, cost-effective logistics distribution program.
Fourth, after sale
Huge after-sales service team, multiple online customer service, to answer any questions that arise in the production work, to return to the customer service usage regularly, and to feedback customer usage information in a timely manner. Powerful technical support team to provide you with the most professional technical advice on winch selection.
To sum up, we can roughly analyze the various professional and technical conditions required by a professional winch manufacturer to produce a winch, from procurement to production, from sales to after-sales. It is also the product advantage of Xuzhou Shuangying Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. mining equipment. Technology is an advantage for attracting customers. In many cases, if the necessary technical advice and assistance can be provided to customers, the two sides will establish a more effective and stable long-term relationship. Industrial supplies need better after-sales service. Service has become a major means of competition among current businesses and is a very important issue. This is especially true for industrial products. It is no exaggeration to say that in many cases, rapid repair capabilities may be the main reason for making a business. Sometimes, in order to get the repair work done in time, some repair parts will be purchased from stock.