Development of mining machinery such as winches

Release time:2019-08-30

Scientific research and innovation is the key. The practice of communication and cooperation between most mining machinery enterprises and the major coal mines in China is also one of the methods that we should learn from. This will not only allow us to better understand the current development of the mining machinery industry. The dynamics of the future can also enable us to make the best solutions based on the current situation, so that the status of China's mining machinery power will always be at the forefront of the development of the world machinery industry.
Only in this way, through independent innovation, firmly grasp the pulse of the development of mining machinery, always at the forefront of the development of mining machinery, this will enable our company to stay young and forever. At the same time, it can also make greater contributions to China's economic construction and social development.
In 2008, the Chinese market has replaced the North American market and became the world's largest market for mining machinery sales. In 2010, China's mining machinery and equipment production capacity accounted for about 50% of the world's total production.
Such a large country of mechanical production has occupied a firm and stable position in the world machinery industry. China is leading the development direction of the world machinery industry, and is related to the production development efficiency of the coal industry in most countries of the world.
2013 is an eventful autumn. The mining machinery market is welcoming a blizzard. In response to the frequent occurrence of coal mine accidents in recent years, the state has put forward higher requirements for the safety of coal mining enterprises, coupled with pollution problems caused worldwide. The major response has made the coal mining enterprises feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed.
The downturn in the coal mining industry has directly affected the prospects of our mining machinery industry. How to deal with a series of national policies and how to keep up with the development of coal mining enterprises has become a problem we must seriously consider now.
Although the production of mining machinery in China has a pivotal position in the world, it has always been one of the biggest disadvantages of our production and development in terms of technological innovation. The era of winning more people has passed, and technological innovation is the main theme of the times.

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