What if the winch wire rope is not arranged neatly?

Release time:2019-08-24

The winch wire rope is one of the most important tools in the work of the winch. It is also the most easily damaged accessory. The quality of the winch wire rope and the normal operation have a great influence on the daily production of the winch. Therefore, the winch wire rope is damaged or sorted. In case of error, it needs to be dealt with in time. The text is as follows:
The wire ropes on the dispatching winch are not arranged neatly
1 caused by the impact
(1) speed up wire rope wear
When the wire rope is tangled on the drum, the traction force rope is often squeezed out in the messy rope and pressed in again, causing serious wear, resulting in the grinding of the wire rope diameter and the broken wire, shortening the service life of the wire rope.
(2) causing the wire rope to slide out of the drum
The wire ropes are not arranged neatly, which will inevitably lead to pile-up phenomenon and damage the rope guard. When the pile height exceeds the edge height of the drum, the wire rope can easily slide out of the drum, the light is broken, and the heavy rope is broken.
2 main reasons for the emergence
(1) The winch of the winch (guide wheel) is short of oil and cannot slide left and right as the rope is wound on the drum.
(2) The winch rope line device has failed or has been removed
(3) The winch is improperly arranged, that is, the hoisting angle of the lifting wire rope does not meet the specified requirements.
(4) Improper operation, not tightly wound
3 processing methods
Symptomatic treatment according to different situations
If it is improperly operated or maintained, it must be carefully operated and maintained in accordance with the regulations; the inclined lane winch should pay special attention to the removal of obstacles on the way to prevent the rope from being loosened when the heavy objects are lowered, which is the failure of the installation quality and the failure of the rope-removing device. It is necessary to report the request in time to send someone to handle it.

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