Discussion on the direction of upgrading of mining machinery

Release time:2020-01-11
The rapid development of science and technology, the mining industry has also begun to march into high-tech. With the further development of China's mineral resources development technology, upgrading of mining machinery products used in this field is imminent. The transformation of new mining machinery is mainly based on these aspects.
The main characteristics are as follows:
1. improve safety performance
A significant feature of the mine construction is that it is very dangerous, even for various mining machinery products traveling on flat roads. How to ensure the safety of mine construction personnel is one of the important directions for the development of mining machinery products. Even the stripping of earth and rock in open-pit coal mines can easily lead to landslide accidents, which places high requirements on the materials and strength of mining machinery products. Once a dangerous accident occurs, the driver's personal safety can be guaranteed. It is also necessary to consider installing an escape function on the machine, for example, a small hammer similar to that on a passenger car can be equipped in the vehicle, and the glass can be broken to escape if necessary. In addition, the tightness and escape performance of mining machinery products should be improved to protect the driver from being harmed in the event of last resort and to be able to escape in time.
2. pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection
Yankuang mining is an industry with high energy consumption and an industry with high returns. Because of this, the traditional mining machinery products for mining only focus on product performance and ignore the energy consumption of the product. Until recently, the state began to pay attention to issues such as energy saving, environmental protection, and consumption reduction. Environmental protection and energy saving technologies in mining machinery products for mining are increasingly favored by users.
In recent years, mining machinery enterprises have realized that the market prospect of energy-saving products is broad, and improved product design and production technology. The cost of new environmental protection and energy-saving equipment is rapidly decreasing with the industry scale and technological progress. Based on this, mass sales of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products will become the mainstream trend. With the further development of China's mineral resource development technology, the requirements for mining equipment are becoming higher and higher, large-scale, safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection have become the product improvement direction. Internationally, mining machinery companies in developed countries have done a good job of fully considering "humanization", and domestic companies also need to change the focus of technological innovation, focusing on market demand, and developing mining crushers required by the market.
3.Enhance reliable performance
Mining machinery products in the field of mining are generally in a high-intensity operating environment. Many products use a non-stop operation method for substitution, leaving only maintenance time for the product, which is running for more than 20 hours a day. It is a test of product performance. Some users have reported that some manufacturers have promised him that the products can be used for six years. He said that in fact, in the mine, many products are very rare after three years, and it is almost unthinkable to use them for six years. Their requirements for the product are reliable, and the product can exert its maximum effectiveness in the shortest time.
Mine construction is very time-sensitive, and creating more economic benefits in a short period of time is the focus of the construction party. Enlarging the product is the most intuitive and effective way to improve work efficiency. The mine construction site can basically transform the original landform according to demand, so there are no objective factors that can limit the large size of the product.
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