Mine winch safety and production

Release time:2020-01-04
How does a coal mine enterprise correct the relationship between safety and production, production and efficiency: in the process of coal mine safe production, danger must exist, but danger can be prevented: if there is a fire or explosion when using flammable and explosive materials Danger, but as long as it is used according to regulations and chapters can be avoided, coal mine accidents can be prevented.
No matter what we do, we must first think about whether it is safe, feasible, and workable. Production must be safe, and the smooth progress of production requires certain safe production conditions to ensure that eliminating and controlling dangerous factors in production is a need in production development.
Safety and production are unified. Failure to do well on either side will affect the effectiveness of the operation. Various tasks are complementary to each other. If coal mining enterprises want to improve economic benefits, they must start with the principle of safety first. Because it is difficult to calculate the benefits of safe production, people like to directly calculate the benefits of production. If they are directly measured by money, then people are prone to misunderstandings and misunderstandings. They all think that safety has only inputs and no outputs.
In the production process, we should put production safety guarantees first, ensure safety, and then carry out production. In our minds, we remind ourselves at all times to be safe and to do three harmless things: "do not harm ourselves", "do not harm others", and "do not be harmed by others". After many accidents, there will always be people who say that the faults of these people or things are used to cover up the mistakes, what should we do after the accident, how to deal with it afterwards, what lessons should we learn and prevent similar accidents from happening. After the safety production training, we understand how to handle safety accidents, clarify the responsibilities and obligations of each industry and everyone, and increase our understanding of safety technology. Understand how to manage production safety and ensure production safety.
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