How does High pressure washer work?

Release time:2022-09-01
High pressure washer Also known as high pressure water washer, high pressure water jet is just a convenient form of energy conversion and application. The working principle of the high pressure washer is that the power drives the High pressure washer brass connectors to complete a suction and discharge process for the water, and transport a certain amount of water to the road, so that it arrives with a large amount of energy. The diameter of the high pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high pressure pipe. Therefore, when the water flow reaches the high pressure washer accessory, it must be accelerated in order to flow out of the nozzle hole. Only in this way, the water that is accelerated and condensed through the nozzle holes can form the form of a jet. When the jet from the high-pressure cleaner hits the cleaning object, it is called jet operation. When the impact force of the high-pressure water jet is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the surface of the object, the high-pressure water jet will peel off the dirt and wash away, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object. This is the specific working principle of the high pressure washer. Through the above introduction, we have clearly understood the working principle of the high pressure washer. After understanding this principle, we can know how to operate this cleaning equipment is scientific. High-pressure cleaners use high-pressure water jets to clean dirt, so using high-pressure cleaners for cleaning is also a scientific, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning method that is currently recognized in the world. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose this kind of cleaning equipment when carrying out industrial cleaning.

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