Why does the high-pressure cleaner vibrate when in use?

Release time:2022-08-22
High-pressure cleaners are used to flush and filter contaminants generated or invaded by hydraulic systems during manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance; they can also be used for regular maintenance and filtration of working oil to improve cleanliness and avoid or reduce pollution caused by failure, thus ensuring the high performance, high reliability and long life of the hydraulic system equipment.
When the high pressure washer accessory is running, there is a certain working pressure that cannot reach the rated pressure of the equipment, but or the pressure only stays within a certain range and cannot rise. In this case, first check whether the aperture of the high pressure nozzle of the high pressure washer If it does not match, replace the high pressure nozzle. Next, check whether the pressure regulator valve of the high pressure washer is adjusted to the correct position. If the pressure still does not go up after excluding these two cases, finally check whether the sealing components (O-rings, water seals) in the high-pressure pump are in good condition and whether the piston is damaged. If the piston is damaged this needs to be repaired.
How to solve the jitter after starting to use for a period of time:
First, the flow of water to the high-pressure water gun may be limited, either because the rubber hoses are kinked together, or because the flow of water from the main faucet/main valve is small. Be sure to fully open the faucet/valve with full force. Check that the water inlet filter is not blocked. Set the gun wand to high pressure spray.
Second, if you haven't used the industrial-grade pressure washer for a while, allow the water pressure to gradually increase after the first start. Allow air trapped in the pump to escape. Allow the pressure washer to gradually increase the water pressure, then pull the trigger to release the water pressure. When the pressure washer is letting the trapped air escape the pump, the water pressure of the high-pressure water gun will fluctuate up and down between high and low pressure. Repeat the above process until all trapped air has been released. Do not hold the trigger for long periods of time waiting for the air to be released. This way the pressure will not gradually increase. Increase the pressure first, then release the air by squeezing the trigger. Once all the trapped air escapes the pump, the high pressure water gun will work normally under high pressure without undulation instability
Car wash high pressure water gun wand
all series of low and high spray wands, different length with different connectors, could supply different surface as per customer’s request, such as stainless tube with plastic shell, galvanized steel tube, nickel-plating or chrome-plating tube and etc.