How mining machinery looks for market opportunities in the new normal (1)

Release time:2019-12-20
Facing the market that is still flat this year, how to adjust the pace is still the subject of corporate thinking. At the "China Mining Machinery Technology Development Forum" recently held, "New Normal, New Development, New Manufacturing" became the core content discussed by leaders and industry experts of participating companies. Participating experts believe that the adjustment of China's mining economic structure is deepening, and the requirements for mining machinery technology upgrades will continue to increase; in the production and application process of mining machinery and equipment, they are moving towards automation and intelligence, complete sets and systemization, and "greening". development of.
Large-scale, automation, informatization, intelligence, environmental protection, recycling, cross-border application, and reliable quality will be the general trend of future mine development. According to data from China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, although the operating income of mining machinery maintained an increase of 8.1% last year, the operating profit increased by only 5.21%. Despite this state, there is still room for new development in mining machinery.
First of all, the market has changed, and companies have begun to expand or decrease based on market profits and industrial policies. Secondly, the product structure has also developed from a single type to new types of equipment such as complete sets of equipment, complete sets of engineering, and comprehensive solutions. In the operation of contracting, new distribution models such as joint operation with users or third-party (financial) institutions have quietly appeared. Finally, the tasks of the mining machinery industry have undergone new changes. From satisfying users 'production expansion services to serving users' existing equipment, they undertake user consulting, overhaul, and maintenance tasks; product technology has moved to the Internet +, energy saving, emission reduction, and integration directions; innovation is even more urgent, and corporate rights are being upheld Consciousness has been strengthened, products that rely on imitation have been condemned by the law, and independent innovation has become the life of the enterprise.
In the future, the entry point to realize the transformation of China's mining machinery from "big" to "strong" is to improve product quality and reliability. At present, companies compete for soft power, which includes product development capabilities, unique production processes, scientific management systems, and execution capabilities.
In production, the standardization and modularization of products and key parts and components will be accelerated; companies with good conditions will try to use manufacturing tools, special machine tools, and robotic production lines. Realize informatization of production management and reduce human intervention. At the same time, the system of curing material formula, manufacturing process, quality control and other systems ensure the consistency of production. In terms of market position, companies with research and development capabilities can insist on serving energy and raw materials, while maintaining national economic security, and expanding the application of mining machinery in environmental protection, recycling and other fields. Enterprises without design and development capabilities can make use of their own advantages to refine, optimize existing products or shift their main business direction, and find new ways.
In the business environment, analyze all aspects of the product's entire life cycle, in accordance with the advantages and characteristics of the company, find channels and entry points to maximize benefits and activate the potential of the company. In terms of technology upgrade, competition among enterprises will shift to product quality, efficiency, and reliability, with a large amount of capital investment. Therefore, the cost of innovation activities should be included in the cost. In terms of energy saving and emission reduction, mining machinery is mostly high energy-consuming and high-pollution machinery and equipment. Developing new types of mining machinery with low pollution and low energy consumption will be the only way for enterprises to adapt to the new normal.
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