How to use the high pressure hose in the high pressure washer accessory?

Release time:2022-07-26
Because the high pressure water jet of the high pressure washer accessory has the functions of scouring, wedge splitting, shearing, grinding, etc., it can immediately break off the scale and wash it away, so as to realize the separation of the scale layer and the pipe wall. It is much faster than the traditional cleaning method, and with the cooperation of the cleaning hydraulic support, it can achieve the goals of good cleaning quality, low cleaning cost, high efficiency, environmental protection in the working environment, and a wide range of applications. The correct use of the high-pressure hose of the electric high-pressure cleaner is as follows: In the electric high-pressure cleaner, in addition to cleaning the hydraulic support, the high-pressure hose used in the machine must also be paid attention to. If used and maintained properly, it can relatively prolong its use time to achieve the purpose of saving and reducing costs.
For the high-pressure hose of the High pressure washer brass connectors, its inner diameter should match the diameter required by the high-pressure pump. If the inner diameter of the selected hose does not match that specified by the high-pressure pump, it will affect normal use and damage the high-pressure hose prematurely. .
Moreover, when selecting the high-pressure pipe of the electric high-pressure cleaner, it should be determined according to the technical parameters of the high-pressure pump. According to its parameter requirements, choose the matching pressure hose, and do not use an operation method that exceeds its actual pressure, otherwise it will affect the high pressure. The normal life of the hose. In addition, products that withstand higher pressure can be appropriately selected, which makes it easier to extend its service life.
In addition, the high-pressure hose of the electric high-pressure cleaner should be properly used, maintained and maintained in strict accordance with the relevant rules. Do not twist the hose by hand while the high pressure cleaning equipment is in operation. If it is really necessary to bend due to construction needs, the bending radius should not be too small, and it should not be bent at a small angle.
During the operation of the high-pressure pump of the electric high-pressure cleaner, the high-pressure injection device cannot be turned on and off repeatedly, so as to minimize the impact damage to the hose caused by the frequent operation of sudden opening and sudden closing. When the ultra-high pressure hose is not used for a long time and does not work, it is necessary to empty the accumulated water in it. After the hose is bent into a roll according to the specified size, it is placed in a horizontal state.