How to choose an electric winch?

Release time:2022-07-21
Off road winch is generally installed in the middle of the front bumper or rear bumper of the car. There are many types of electric winches, but off-road vehicles are better than electric winches, and they are very convenient to use and can be controlled by remote control knobs from anywhere.
When choosing a winch for your car, of course, you must choose a high power electric winch, but if you choose only one, the electric winch will be too large, which will affect the driving and stability of the car. It is suggested that you can refer to the following formula and choose the one with a higher matching degree with the electric winch of the vehicle: the maximum load of the electric winch ≥ the vehicle weight × 1.5 In actual use, some auxiliary tools can safely and successfully use the electric winch when necessary. Safety protection, such as gloved hands; in addition, tape, U-shaped lugs, take-up reels, etc. are sometimes required. Tape is used to hold the fulcrum, usually about two meters long; U-shaped lugs connect the straps and the hook of the electric winch; with two or three wires, or drag to change direction, you need to tighten the wire pulley.
The winch has a reliable fulcrum in use. The fulcrum must be able to bear the weight of the entire vehicle. The pivot point should be chosen according to the actual situation, usually a tree or a rescue vehicle. However, when the rescue vehicle is turning, the wheels must be blocked to prevent the vehicle from moving.
Believe that the electric winch will give you a lot of motivation in the process of overcoming obstacles.
Specific steps for traction with an electric winch:
1. First check the rollers. Before you start, make sure the noose is wrapped neatly around the drum.
2. If there is a lasso, it should be prevented from swinging back and forth. If the rope breaks, it can be dangerous to tie the rope back and forth. However, the risk can be avoided if the taut cord holds the mattress on the line.