What is the function of the car electric winch thickening cable arrangement?

Release time:2022-06-10
The Car modification winch is a self-rescue tool for automobiles. It has a strong traction force. Driven by electric energy, it can save several tons of vehicles from dangers such as quagmire and deep pits. When you look at the wire rope of the winch When moving the vehicle little by little, is there any doubt about its traction process? Why does its wire rope enter and exit the winch in an orderly manner without knotting, jamming, etc.?
This is actually the credit of the thickened cable arrangement inside the car electric winch. It is forged from alloy steel, which is strong and durable, not easy to rust and corrode, and the exterior is smooth and free of burrs, so that the wire rope can be ordered in an orderly manner. It is wound on the reel of the cable arrangement, whether it is traction or lifting operations, it can prevent the occurrence of bad conditions such as stacking and winding.
However, even if the wire rope of the high power electric winch can be stretched out freely, it should be noted that after the wire rope is released to the maximum working length, three turns of wire rope should be reserved on the reel in order to reduce resistance and prevent all the wire ropes from the cable arrangement. Slipping off in the middle, not to give up all previous efforts.