What's the secret to the ability of a car winch to pull heavy loads?

Release time:2022-06-17
The electric winch is a traction tool that uses the power of the car itself and the wire rope that comes with the winch to drag the car in trouble to the normal ground. It is standard for off-road vehicles. As for ordinary vehicles, it is available Dispensable aids.
When a car winch pulls a car weighing several tons, we must be wondering, how exactly does it work?
There are more than 250 parts inside the off road winch, a wire rope can pull a large jet, a 12-volt electric motor can withstand extreme loads at rated power, and a cooling twist keeps the wire rope from running at high temperatures , a set of interlocking gears that can amplify the pull of the winch by 200 times, a remote-controlled clutch that allows you to easily pull the rope out, and automatically load power when you want to pull the car, these components allow the winch Pulling tons of heavy objects in any terrain, the secret to the winch's high pulling power is hidden in the internal gear system.
Ningbo Hipower Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the smooth operation of each gear of the car winch, workers manually apply lubricating oil to each component to ensure that the lubricating oil can cover the entire gear teeth. It is reported that each gear tooth needs about Apply 30 grams of lubricating oil.