What is the safety protection work during the electric winch towing process?

Release time:2022-05-24
The electric winch is a special escape equipment for off-road vehicles. The journey of off-road enthusiasts is a variety of complex road conditions, full of danger, difficulty and excitement. The situation of swamp trapped and sediment trapped is too sparse and common for off-road enthusiasts. At this time, the car winch has become an important tool to assist in getting out of trouble.
In the process of using the car winch to pull the vehicle, there are some safety details that need to be paid attention to. During the whole pulling process, the surrounding area is a dangerous area, and no one is allowed to approach it, because once the rope breaks, it is easy to injure the surrounding personnel, and at the same time In order to reduce this risk, old off-road drivers will usually adopt such a method.
They will use some cloth, mats and other objects to cover the rope, so that even if the rope breaks, its elasticity will be offset by these coverings, which not only ensures personal safety, but also ensures the safety of the vehicle. Safety.
There are more than 250 parts inside the car winch, a wire rope can pull a large jet, a 12-volt electric motor can withstand extreme loads at rated power, and a cooling twist keeps the wire rope from running at high temperatures , a set of interlocking gears that can amplify the pull of the winch by 200 times, a remote-controlled clutch that allows you to easily pull the rope out, and automatically load power when you want to pull the car, these components allow the winch Pulling tons of heavy objects in any terrain, the secret to the winch's high pulling power is hidden in the internal gear system.
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