What are the classifications of winches?

Release time:2022-05-19
The different types of winches that can be installed to provide power sources can be divided into manual winches and electric winches; electric winches use the mechanical power of the car engine to achieve the purpose of moving, and off-road vehicles are probably most used in this kind of electric winches. The power is obtained to drive the motor and move the noose. This kind of winch is very convenient to use, if there is a problem with the car engine,
Hand winches are common hoisting machinery in various construction sites, logistics sites, and transportation occasions. Stable performance and convenient features make it a favorite of many people. How is the hand winch lifted? The editor of Dovek summarizes as follows: At present, the lifting method of Dovek hand winch is mainly to achieve the purpose of lifting through gear transmission.
1. Do not use this winch to pull or move people.
2. Do not overload.
3. If the wire rope is damaged, broken, rusted or knotted, please do not use it.
4. When working, do not fasten the hook at the end of the wire rope to the wire rope, so as not to wear the wire rope.
5. When pulling the goods, the wire rope and the reel should be kept vertical, otherwise the wire rope will be easily worn.
6. When pulling a heavy load with a winch, it is best to use a pulley to reduce the load on the winch and wire rope.
7. When the wire rope is wound on the reel for less than 5 turns, do not use the winch to pull the goods. Otherwise, the fixed plate will not be able to bear the heavy load and an accident will occur.
8. When the winch is working, do not touch the wire rope, reel or pulley. When you need to arrange the wire rope, please wear gloves and cover the wire rope with thick cloth.
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