How mining machinery looks for market opportunities in the new normal (2)

Release time:2019-12-28
At present, China has a complete range of coal equipment products. Enterprises have developed different forms of difficult-to-mine coal mining equipment. The technical level of some products has reached the world advanced level, which has gradually narrowed the gap between China's coal industry and the international advanced level. China has become the largest country in the use of coal machine equipment and equipment, and the largest country in the manufacture of coal machines and equipment. However, China's coal mining enterprises still have disadvantages. Large but not strong, relatively low concentration, lack of brand; relatively backward basic materials, unable to meet high-end and wear-resistant requirements; key components, monitoring sensors, and important control software still depend on foreign countries; equipment reliability and stability Compared with foreign advanced technology, there is still a gap; technical theoretical research is relatively weak.
In the future, coal machinery will develop in four directions, one is to develop at intermediate and advanced stages; the second is to concentrate industrial concentration on the top ten groups; the third is to concentrate products on brands, and the company's equipment upgrades will inevitably develop into specialized and special development; The total value of equipment and production is not less than 100 billion yuan.
In the future, coal machinery will accelerate five transformations. The first is to accelerate the transformation from focusing on the development of industry to the advanced manufacturing industry, the coordinated development of high-tech industries and modern services; Talent transformation; the third is to shift from focusing on scale expansion to focusing on quality and efficiency; the fourth is to rely on policy preferences to enhance comprehensive service-oriented functions; the fifth is to consume environmental resources and transform to a friendly environment. A new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes are gestating and emerging. The rapid development of information technology and the rapid integration of technologies in various fields have triggered deep changes in economic and social development and will reshape the development of global manufacturing. The core is the combination of digital, intelligent manufacturing and new materials, and the design revolution, process revolution, and new material revolution that are considered to overturn production methods.
The first is a series of changes caused by 3D printing. Through digital overlay, the final product is quickly formed. Integrating raw materials directly produces products directly by printing. The change of production organization method, "decentralized production" local sales "will become the main feature of the new product organization method". With the change of lifestyle, 3D printers allow consumers to consume at home, and become fully self-sufficient or become a new trend. Imagine that in the future, the waste in your home can be broken into new products. Sixty to seventy percent of your home can be formed by printing. People are more willing to download software for various personalized products from the Internet. 3D technology shares common points with heavy machinery manufacturing. 3D printing is high-end customized, and single-piece small batches of heavy machinery products also belong to high-end customized production. 3D metal printing room laser cladding technology, which uses laser to cladding metal powder layer by layer, is in line with the traditional principle of overlay welding. Traditional machinery manufacturing uses the subtractive method, while 3D printing uses the additive method. Although the 3D molding technology is different from the traditional processing molding technology, the principles are similar.
The second is robot. Robots have developed rapidly with the innovative fusion of artificial intelligence technology, advanced manufacturing technology and mobile Internet, and have begun to change the way humans produce and live.
The third is Industry 4.0, whose core is to interconnect human and physical world through information, so as to realize intelligent manufacturing, build a human intelligent society, and integrate virtual networks with physical systems.
Generally speaking, the new round of technological revolution, from the perspective of the direction, the information revolution marked by the subversive replacement and deepening of information technology is developing in depth, and a new round of multi-scientific science and technology led by biotechnology is nurturing and developing; From the perspective of nature, it is the cross fusion of the three major revolutions of scientific revolution, technological revolution and industrial revolution; from the perspective of scope, the new technological revolution is jointly promoted by multiple countries; from the perspective of business format, technological innovation and business model innovation are organically combined.
The new round of technological revolution has created rare opportunities for the optimization and improvement of China's manufacturing industry. Developed countries and developing countries with a certain foundation, including China, are standing on the same starting line to a certain extent in this new transformation. This opens a "window of opportunity" for China to achieve leapfrog development.
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