What kind of rope do you need for an off road winch?

Release time:2022-07-15
Off road winch factory, material: synthetic fiber. Color: gray, green. Very little stretch and non-rotation. Good resistance to UV rays and chemicals. Upgrade your winch with a synthetic dirt bike winch rope that is stronger than traditional steel cables.
Strength and lightness coexist - UHMWPE synthetic fibers are high strength and light weight.
Premium Protective Cover - Black urethane coating to protect dirt bike winch ropes from UV exposure and chemical abrasion.
Heavy Duty Construction - 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm diameter, made of 12-strand braided tough nylon with impressive pull capacity, breaking strengths of 1988kg, 2960kg, 8500kg.
EASY INSTALLATION - Unique self-tightening feature helps secure off-road winch rope securely to the winch.
High quality synthetic rope: different colors for free choice.
Features: The off-road winch rope is so light that it floats in the water without spinning or being stretched.
Further assurance: The off-road winch rope is composed of 12 thin ropes, one of which is a black protective sleeve wrapped on the outermost layer of the rope, and the red protective sleeve in the middle is used to determine the accurate and safe range when the winch rope is pulled out. It effectively provides UV, heat and abrasion resistance for continued long-term high-quality performance support and protection for extended rope life.
EASY TO USE & CLEAN: This synthetic dirt bike winch rope is easy to handle and splice and won't wear out. Compared with traditional wire rope, it is lighter and safer. This synthetic dirt bike winch rope won't twist like a wire rope. No more rust and wire chips, easy to clean with mild soap and water.