How to choose the right electric winch?

Release time:2022-06-23
From a price point of view, since off road winch is more susceptible to the length of load-bearing elements than wire rope electric hoists, there will be a "boundary" for a given lifting weight and motor power, below it off road winch, above it Using off road winch, it is more cost-effective considering the price.
Considering the layout of the electric winch, if the 4X4 electric recovery winch has to be hung on a hook, the 4X4 electric recovery winch is generally used. Because the chain of this electric winch will always come out from the same position without lateral displacement, the position is stable and balanced under the load, so that it will not be inclined and wound due to the swing of the steel rope like the electric winch of the steel rope. .
From the perspective of voltage, if the customer chooses an electric winch suitable for use in household 220V voltage, it is necessary to choose a high power electric winch.