How to deal with the leakage of the brass connector of the pressure washer?

Release time:2022-07-07
If the industrial high-pressure cleaner is not used for a long time, it is also necessary to replace the oil regularly (the oil has a warranty period). In cold places, it is necessary to drain the oil or add antifreeze to prevent the parts in the pump from freezing and cracking. During the long-term use of the High pressure washer brass connectors, the wear of the nozzle and the brass connector of the high-pressure cleaner is inevitable. Next, I will introduce the water leakage problem of the high-pressure water gun of the industrial high-pressure cleaner and the solution to the oil leakage problem of the high-pressure water gun in detail.
The solution to the problem of water leakage in the brass connector of the pressure washer:
1. Check the operation record of the water pump. If the water pump has been running for more than 800 hours, it is due to the water leakage caused by the life of the water seal.
2. Whether the water source is clean and whether the water is mixed with sediment.
3. Whether the operator has opened the water inlet ball valve to cause dry grinding of the water seal, which makes the water seal seal invalid.
4. When the water pump starts, it takes a long time to absorb water. In the case of water leakage, whether the pump takes a long time to suck water into the pump body every time it is turned on, please check whether the water inlet pipe leaks or whether the filter screen is blocked.
5. Check whether the surface of the plunger is damaged or the surface finish of the plunger is not good.
The solution for oil leakage of high pressure water gun industrial high pressure washer:
1. Whether the oil has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in poor lubrication of the pump and high temperature, resulting in oil leakage from the oil seal
2. The water inlet pipeline leaks, or the filter screen has not been cleaned for a long time, which causes the pump to vibrate violently during use, resulting in oil leakage from the oil seal.
3. There are impurities in the lubricating oil, and the wear of the oil seal leads to oil leakage.
Check for blockages in the low-pressure inlet water filter of the industrial pressure washer. Check the pipeline, whether the high-voltage pipe is kinked, whether the joint is loose, and whether the power cord is damaged and leaking. Once the oil is found to be milky white, the oil needs to be replaced immediately. If the oil emulsification occurs again in a short time, the oil seal and water seal need to be replaced. When the new machine is used for 30-50 hours for the first time, the secondary oil needs to be replaced to facilitate the effective discharge of iron filings inside the pump body