How to use an electric winch to tow a car without a tow hook in front of the car?

Release time:2022-05-12
Electric winches have many uses. In addition to being installed on rescue tripods and hoists to tow heavy objects, they can also be installed in front of cars to tow other trapped vehicles.
However, there is no place in front of the vehicle where the winch wire rope hook can be connected. At this time, we can hook the winch wire to a certain part of the frame, instead of hooking it on the front axle, steering rod, shock absorber or bumper. These parts cannot withstand the pulling force of the winch and will be bent or broken.
The tow hook of the winch line should be hooked up on the tow hook so that when the winch line snaps or the tow hook slips, it bounces to the ground instead of flying into the air. A single line can be used for easy hauling to obtain a large pull, while a pulley and double line should be used for more difficult hauling. When using a winch with a small load or towing a particularly large load, you can even get more pulling power with three wires.
Pull the electric winch wire out of the car, go back to the front of the car through the pulley attached to the tree-hugging belt, bypass the pulley attached to the tow hook, and then return to the tree-hugging belt. This method can deal with most people who need to use The case of the winch.
The owner can install a winch on the car before traveling, in case of emergency. Specific steps are as follows:
1: First, you need to insert the remote control, and insert the connecting end of the remote control into the winch.
2: Do not hang down the place where the remote control is connected after it is plugged in, otherwise it will affect the driving safety. The owner can choose a wireless remote control electric winch.
3: Pull out the noose, press the button of the remote control to release the hook position a little bit, and the released length is suitable for hooking the middle net position.
4: Open the clutch, be sure to open the hook and then open the clutch.
5: Hold the noose hook by hand. When pulling the noose off the drum, hold the hook with one hand so that no matter how long the noose is pulled, the hook is not out of reach
6: After pulling the noose to the fulcrum, lock the clutch. The winch is now ready. Fixed pivot point if you want to pull the car forward.
After completing the above 6 steps, the electric winch can be installed. It should be noted that after installation, the car must be tested to ensure that the electric winch can be used and prevent it from being unusable.
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